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Jessica Thornton Murphy.
Reluctant human. Artist. Maker. Music lover. Pisces. Pug mama. Treasure hunter.
All images/art are my own unless stated otherwise.
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mini rant.

everything we see is mediated by media - prescreened through tv, videos, stories, tabloid, advertisement, tumblr, instagram bullshit, etc.

nothing is original, etc. its all been done. there are no more authentic moments. is it possible to truly experience life outside of dreamless sleep or meditation?

all is processed through consumer culture. nobody experiences things anymore, why do we take photos of a sunset we won’t even look at. 

This is why pop art and lichtenstein and warhol were important. 

"advertising has made a new landscape for us" RL

I really enjoy lichtenstein’s landscapes.

this is exactly what i’m trying to talk about. 

Made some creeps.

Trying to get inspired. looking at some old sketchbook doodles

just rediscovered this foto i took in the bronx a while ago. pretty much all the shots were ruined because my film was fucked but this one turned out  so eerie and cool.

Logo sketches I drew for my bf a while ago. Just feeling like I need to post something since I’ve been neglecting tumblr. You’ve been on my mind tho

Just got this pic of my newest commission piece looking all framed and fancy

So for those of you who don’t already know, I have a little side project called Mug Mugs(™) where I make custom portraits and print them on coffee mugs. Clever, I know. Here are some cute kitty mugs I just made, but I mostly do humans. You can find me on etsy at http://mugmugs.etsy.com and instagram @shopmugmugs. Order some while you still can cause I’ve got a busy summer!

Meanwhile I’m in the middle of moving so most of my art stuff has taken a back seat :( thanks for staying tuned.

💋 jtm

found my plastic bag collection.


the totality of existence, 18x24 in.

collage by jessica thornton murphy

thank you :)

hi res finally,

the essence of LAD 

12x16 in.

collage. look close. 

selling stuff to people 

a new succulent in a teensy pot I painted

mugs and arts