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Jessica Thornton Murphy.
Reluctant human. Artist. Maker. Music lover. Pisces. Pug mama. Treasure hunter.
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For some reason this is looking so cool this morning. I did this collage on really acidic paper and with a weird glue that was definitely not PH balanced. That was before I knew anything about preservation… But even though this thing is rapidly deteriorating and changing freaky colors it still looks DOPE


For any of you collage artists out there.. I highly recommend only using PVA as an adhesive. In the past I only used Yes paste (and to be honest I prefer the consistency of yes paste) but even though it says it is “archival” IT’S NOT! you’ve been warned. PVA is the only truly archival glue/adhesive if you want to make collages that will last!! (minus the whole fading thing)

Slowing progressing. I can only work in the daylight because the lights in my apartment are too yellow and it’s too hard to work with my table lamp

Can you tell me something more about society6? I need some good advices about selling prints because i'm kinda beginner in things like that,

A question by korvjl

I actually don’t know a whole lot about it, but I tried to use it for a while to sell my prints. Once I uploaded everything to their site I ordered a print for myself and was really disappointed with the quality so I didn’t end up keeping my shop. You just have to make sure you have very high quality, professionally photographed or scanned versions of your work if want to use society 6. It’s a good resource and I think it is a LOT better for drawings than for highly detailed collage work like mine. It’s cool because it’s a great and easy way for you to get exposure and to print your work onto phone cases, skins, and other stuff that you might not normally be able to do yourself. It’s free to open a shop and there are a lot of specific directions for uploading stuff on their site. If you have any specific questions I’d be happy to help you out if I can! I hope this helps a little. :) your artwork is great.


And now 3 people. Whaaat I should start drawing flash

i feel so much more legit now that 2 actual people that exist have my drawings tattooed on them 

After about 6 more hours of work